2016 Yılı         Çalışmaları

2016 yılı kazı çalışmaları hazırlanıyor. 

6. Biyolojik Antropoloji Sempozyumu

Ucagizli Cave is located on the Mediterranean coast of the Hatay province of south-central Turkey. The cave was investigated from 1988 to 1990 by Angela Minzoni-Deroche, and since 1997 excavations have been carried out under the direction of Erksin Güleç.  Üçagizli I cave contains a nearly continuous sequence of human occupations spanning the Early Upper Paleolithic period. The Upper Palaeolithic sequence at Ucagizli Cave is more than 3 m deep, spanning a period between roughly 28,000 and 41,000 years ago. Minor Middle Palaeolithic and Epipalaeolithic components are present as well. Archaeological deposits consist of terra rosa clays mixed with varying amounts of anthropogenic material, including large quantities of ash.